A custom made suit


A new suit of clothes.  A couple of hundred years ago tailors were commonplace and nearly all clothes were made to measure for those who could afford them.  The very finest tailors who supplied outstanding suits and clothing to royalty and those of high status became household names and many were the celebrities of their day. Districts became known for their suit makers Savile Row in London being one such area.

The very fact that suits were made for men of a certain class or with a certain amount of money to spend has kept the myth of handmade, custom suits being expensive and only for the wealthy well and truly alive.  When one thinks of a custom made suit one sees dollar signs, Euros and Pounds and then one does the exchange rate calculation and then, in a state of shock walks into the nearest department store and buys the best they think they can afford off the rack.

One only needs to do quick Google search and the cost of a custom suit, especially a Savile Row suit is, at current exchange rates, quite astounding with deposits, not the full cost, just deposits starting at R90,000.  Knowing this one assumes therefore that all custom suits are the same price.  Thankfully it is not so and whilst costs do vary custom suits can be made for only a shade more money than something off the shelf from any department store.

suitsWhilst Savile Row has earned a name for the very finest there are equally good tailors who can make a custom made suit for you here in South Africa and once chosen and worn a man will never again purchase off the shelf again.

The tailoring is of high quality here in South Africa, the materials and fabrics very often come from the same suppliers that supply the Savile Row tailors and the combination means that a first class suit of exceptional quality is produced.

The real beauty about a custom made suit is that it is unique; it is truly made to measure unlike the well-known Joke about the man in the bar who tells his friend that his suit is made to measure and the friend replies “yes made to measure, but made to measure someone else”. With your custom suit it is truly made to measure and the comfort gained from that is unimaginable until tried. You have complete choice in the fabric and finish meaning you can make it even more original,  if you want a neon pink left arm, a neon green right arm with red velvet everywhere else you can have it (it’s up to you if you want to wear it).

But a custom suit is a refined and truly sophisticated item of clothing. A custom suit oozes style and shows you mean business just in the cut. Above all a custom suit is made to fit you and you alone,  a custom suit enhances who you are and it the secret is is that it has not cost a small fortune.

Do yourself a favour, get measured for a custom suit today and feel the difference once you were what has been made just for you!