4 Luggage Packing Tips to help you Travel in Style

Why check a bag, ever, when I can fit what I need for up to a month in a single rollaboard and second small bag?

How do you pack your luggage? What do you pack? How much do you pack into your travelling bag or bags? These are questions that are likely to plague your head as you plan for your next travel. Here are four luggage packing tips that will help you keep your luggage light and make your travel a lot less stressful:

First things first: Remember your luggage bag or suitcase will be placed with other bags that probably look exactly like yours. Avoid the crisis of trying to identify your bag by labelling it and sticking some items that will make it easy for your to identify.

Pack only the essentials: You don’t want to carry a whole wardrobe with you.  If you don’t have to wear a different set of clothes every day of your trip the less you need to pack. You will find it helpful to select fewer clothes that you can mix and match with ease.

Keep liquids and gels separate: If you have to take such items as shower gels, lotions, tooth paste and other, keep them in a separate compartment of your bag or an extra smaller bag altogether. This way you avoid the risk of having your clothes stained by spilling liquids. In any case you can buy most of these items when you get to your destination.

Pack large items first: Start by packing the large items and then slot in the smaller items like socks and ties into the spaces between the large ones. Remember to pack you light coloured clothes inside out to avoid stains and cover your shoes with shower caps or other plastics.

Of course you would have chosen the most suitable bag for your luggage in the first place. Factors to consider when choosing a travelling bag may include the length of time you are going to be away, the mode of transport you are using, and the kind of items you want to take with you among other things.

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