5 Home Decor Trends for 2016

2016 is upon us and whilst you may think a year could not get any more stylish than 2015 you will see 2016 being a nice surprise.

Family Room

One thing that many commentators are predicting is that the recent boom in technology will create a demand for an escape from ipads, smartphones and smart TVs. Living room and lounges will become tech free creating a sense of peace and forcing people to talk to each other or read paper books. Conversation will begin again and families will come together without TVs and without everyone chatting on whatsapp to people that are less important than family.

Lighting that makes a statement

2016 will see chandeliers take on a whole new meaning so some interior designers say. Not so much huge centrepiece chandeliers but pendant designs. A single hanging light that is as much about the look of the chandelier as it is the light it gives off will be the trendy way to light your home and designs are already on the market that look like bird cages with candles in them or are simple porcelain shades that add a special touch to a room.

Pedestal moments

Filling up those awkward spaces and corners has always been a challenge, and even more of a challenge to do in style. 2016 will be a year where pedestals, units big enough for just something small on top or units that make a statement on their own through design and colour will be the way to fill those spaces. Superbly subtle in many ways and if you have a cat the pedestal will become her new favourite place to sleep somehow precariously balanced and so much a part of the home.

Black Stainless Steel

Over the last few years there has been a distinct move away from the traditional white appliances. Dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers and refrigerators were once always and only white and then became silver or metallic. 2016 will take the silver and metallic to a whole new level in your kitchen with the introduction of black stainless steel. Some experts predict, as they did with white, that silver is on the way out and black is on the way in and thus black is the new silver as silver was the new white.

Flower power

When it comes to décor floral is back. Do you remember the floral patterns with a dark background from the 1980’s? They look so out of date don’t they? Well you are wrong, floral and those dark floral patterns are back. Floral couches and sofas either dark or light will be the in thing in 2016 so a number of designers say, so come on get yours.

These are just 5 indoor trends that can show you are stylish in 2016, all of them relatively simple to achieve so whether you are looking for new lighting, new appliances or new furniture you can now be trendy just by following these ideas.