5 Office Trends

Your office is not just a place of work but it is also a place where you spend much of your time. With this in mind your office should be something and somewhere you enjoy being, even if you don’t really enjoy what you are doing or the even the boss.

Here are 5 Office Trends that you may wish to consider when furnishing or arranging your office.

No more wires

Wireless is here.  The days of heaps of cables all tangled up and long gone. Wires and cables and other clutter can make your office look untidy, they can even be unsafe and in such an environment you become unproductive.  Choosing a wireless or solution where cables and clutter are well hidden give a crisp and productive look and feel to an office.

Alfresco in the Office

flowers-871685_1920 A big trend in office design and decoration around the world in 2016 has been the incorporation of the outdoors and nature into the office environment.  Nature brings peace to the office space and a certain comfort, relaxed yet efficient. A small touch of nature, a fireplace, a plant or anything that would normally feel or be outdoors creates an appealing and very fresh feel in the office that visitors will find extremely appealing and workers will appreciate.

Multipurpose and Change

Mobility is a keyword in business today and this with flexibility equal productivity. Workspaces in the office today need to be multipurpose with casual breakaway areas, comfortable seating and even more open plan with office dividers falling away and out of style.  Permanent layouts are becoming a thing of the past and the fussiness that one area is and always will be for a particular task or group of people is changing, at least down from the executive level. Multipurpose areas and change keep an office vibrant and on its toes.


Because people spend a great deal of time in their workplace the need for designated lounge or relaxed working areas has become not just fashionable but proven to increase and maintain staff morale and improve performance. Just because a person is sat on a comfy chair in a well-lit, airy space doesn’t mean they are not working. Far from it, people who are relaxed, or meetings that are held in a more relaxed environment are a great deal more productive.

Texture and Colour lead to happiness

office-1548293_1280Colour and texture mean a lot to people and can change the atmosphere in any room or even entire company.  Organising by colour doesn’t just bring some practicality to the office space with colour giving definition to departments or tasks, but colour brings life and a smile to a face. Boring, drab colours bring people down bright colours cheer people up and thus they are more productive. A variety of textures also add to the look and feel of an office space, too much plastic or wood or metal needs to be broken up to give a varied and even personalised workspace.

These 5 trends can and will make a difference in your office space, put them into practice and find the solutions at Metro Home City.