5 Outdoor Furniture Trends for 2016

There are a number of trends that are expected to feature outdoors in your garden or on your patio in 2016. Here are just 5

Modular Furniture Suites

Like your modular indoor furniture so modular outdoor and poolside furniture will be the style for 2016. Units that consist of a double seater couch, slipper couch, coffee table and an outdoor ottoman will be how stylish people relax by their pool. The suites are often flexible in their set up and many have bolsters and pillows that act as arm rests for the really sleepy people the perfect place to rest one’s head.

The humble stool

When is a stool not a stool? When it is a multipurpose stool.

A multipurpose stool is very much a fashion statement for 2016. A simple and humble stool that acts as a place to sit or the perfect place to serve a small plate of snacks really is trendy today. For convenience many stools are stackable so when you only need one or two you do not have a host of stools dotted all over the place. Classic wooden stools will be fashionable in 2016.01.09

Drinks Trolley

Nothing is worse than having to get up from where you or your guests are lounging to get a drink or refill a glass. Back in fashion in 2016 are drinks trollies. So don’t bring your empties to the bar for a refill, bring the bar you your empties. There is a wide choice of drinks trolleys, some are very simple and some a great deal more sophisticated with glass holders, bottle stations and draws for the all-important corkscrews and bottle openers.

The towel Caddy

For those with a swimming pool one of the biggest mess makers and problems for parents are the towels and peoples things. Towels hung all over the place, ipads are left near the water and end up in the water, items are just left around to be damaged or lost. What is needed is a towel caddy in 2016 this is the ultimate best friend for any pool owner. A simple and portable storage device that stores not just towels but has compartments to keep electronic devices and jewellery stored safely, a towel caddy will make you wish you had one years ago.

Bold and moulded seating

The in thing for 2016 when it comes to making your patio look uber cool and trendy is the use of bright coloured and moulded individual seating. The bright colours opposed to the traditional white or natural wicker create a fashionable contrast to Mother Nature herself and your paving and pool. A wide variety of comfortable and colourful chairs is available and having these in your garden in 2016 will prove to your friends that you are truly in with the fashionable people this year.

These are just some ideas and trends for your outdoor area for 2016, whether you need furniture, storage or just something good to look at the choice of items to glam up your outdoors is extensive and to a degree you can choose whatever you want and be extremely stylish.