5 tech must haves for 2016

We are now over halfway through the second decade of the twenty first century and technology really has been something that has defined the decade so far. Here are 5 gadgets or technology items that you really should have:

Amazon Kindle

Book lovers will always say that there is nothing like the feel and smell of paper when reading a book. But a Kindle is almost as good. With a Kindle or other eBook reading device there is one distinct advantage over conventional books and that is choice. A growing number of authors prefer to go straight to eBook rather than printed editions. This is primarily due to cost and this means that there is a far greater choice of eBooks than there are normal books. Also eBooks are generally cheaper and therefore the cost a kindle or an eBook reader is soon covered though savings alone.


TomTom and Garmin are by far the leaders when it comes to Sat Nav equipment. Many people will say that they can use their smart phone for maps and the like, but a proper GPS is vastly superior and considerably more reliable many users say. Battery life is excellent and the signal to and from the device is more reliable especially in areas where there is poor, little or no cellphone reception. A GPS would be a sound investment in 2016.

High Quality Headphones

There are headphones and there are headphones. Have you ever wondered why someone will spend a few hundred Rands on a pair of headphones? The answer is straightforward and is purely sound quality. Comfort has a great deal to with the price of headphones too but sound quality is by far the winner. If you have teenage kids that drive you mad with their loud music then a decent pair of quality headphones will make your life and their life outstanding.

Water Filter Jug

Not really high tech but it is in a way still tech. With the water problems facing South Africa water quality could well become a problem and this will either mean poor quality water or water with increased cleaning agents in it to make it safe for drinking. With this in mind the investment in a water filter jug or water filter system will bring peace of mind and amazing water quality. In recent years the filtration systems have become as good as high tech and water has never been so pure.

Wearable Tech

Ever since Apple and Samsung came out with their wearable technology a growing number of wearable devices have come on to the market. Some aimed at sports enthusiasts, some at busy business executives and others just for families that want to keep in touch. Today being in 24/7 communication, measuring what our bodies are doing or just knowing where someone is are important to many people and this wearable technology has become an important item and of course fashion accessory.

Technology does not always have to be expensive, in fact it has come down a great deal in price recently and likewise wearable technology has become a great deal less complicated to use. So if you are still stuck somewhere in the late 90’s or early 2000’s why not invest in some technology to make your life easier