Lifestyle Shopping


shopping-largeLifestyle shopping has been around for a number of years and in reality combines traditional retail  with leisure, turning shopping into an enjoyable activity rather than a painful chore.  Metro Home City has seen the trend both online and off line and has noted a move towards brands as well as good products at great prices that look good and as a retailer this is now being addressed and will be addressed further in future months.

Shopping needs to become enjoyable, purchasing a TV needs to be a pleasure and understanding how that particular purchase will fit into your practical needs and the lifestyle you live is becoming something that is important in the buying process.  Some people go with brands such as Samsung or LG and others want technological advancement and then there are others who want something that simply looks good.

But it is not just electronics such as TVs that make lifestyle what it is.  Clothing, watches and even décor items or furniture are all about lifestyle today, and because MHC has such a wide variety of amazing products these too need to be pulled into the lifestyle shopping trend. Brand names are one thing but the latest style or fashion is an important part in choosing pretty much anything today. From coffee machines to dishwashers to shoes to a tailor-made suit and even the towels in your bathroom it is a lifestyle choice not only as to what to buy but where to buy it. Since the 1940’s Metro Home City has been addressing the trends in shopping and lifestyle and today is no different.

Whether you choose to buy in the store or online shopping is about the experience and this has to be matched by brands as well and non-brands that are equally stylish, perhaps more affordable or just technologically more advanced.  From indoors to outdoors and work time to playtime everything is about lifestyle and with Metro Home City you get it all under one roof with great products, the best brands, the latest in style and more than anything the very best prices – remember #MHCBeatsAnyPrice

Metro Home City understands retail and understands people making the store one of the best in South Africa for those people where what they buy is all about their lifestyle. One needs choice and MHC has it,  One needs the latest fashions, trends and styles and MHC has it and then one needs to ensure the very best is also made affordable and MHC are the masters at doing that.

Watch over the next few months as Lifestyle shopping evolves at Metro Home City and let us help you live the life you want in the style of your choosing surrounded by the things you desire most.