Baby, I love you


Baby I love you

babyBabies are the most wonderful part of life. Sure, a baby can be hard work but all the love and joy they bring as they grow and discover this thing we call life is the most precious thing in the world.  Babies, though, require things, lots of things. So where do you start?

Metro Home City has one of the best ranges of baby products in South Africa. As always, you can expect all the best products and brands and the very best prices. From absolute essentials through to cute, nice to have baby and toddler items Metro Home City is the place to shop. And if you are just thinking about having a baby, with all the baby items Metro Home City has it is at the very least a great place to dream.

First things first

One of the first things any new parent or highly experience parent will know is that babies go through nappies.  There is something to be said for Terry Nappies but the thought of washing them just puts many parents off. Huggies is a superb brand of disposable Nappy and Metro Home City has them at great prices that simply adds to the convenience.

Wrap up and snuggle

Snuggling and cuddling with a baby brings more joy than anything else and money cannot buy an experience like it. To snuggle up and also keep baby happy and warn a baby blanket is a must, Metro Home City has a selection of soft and warm Baby Mink Blankets that are just perfect for that all important snuggle time with your cherub.

A place to sleep

A baby will quite literally sleep anywhere but having a cot or a crib is essential. There are really two types of cot for a baby, one that stays where it is and adapts as baby grows and one that is portable.  Portable Cots or Camping Cots are perfect for when baby has his or her first sleep over with Oupa and Ouma or if the family is going away. More cribs that are permanent are beautiful works of art in many cases, the Kia Wooden Baby Cot for example is something that is perfect for baby and really shows that your baby is special.

Out and About

Getting out and about with baby is part of life. To make this possible you need a pushchair, stroller or pram. Metro Home City has a wide range of strollers, pushchairs and prams to suit all budgets and all families. Choosing the right pushchair is a matter of comfort, safety and lifestyle and at Metro Home City, none of these will need to be compromised.

For all your baby needs get down to Metro Home City today or visit them online and see just how wide the choice is of all the best baby stuff at the best prices in town