Back to school; are you ready?

The New Year celebratory hazy is now receding and now reality is creeping back in. It is back to school time. The school year starts in but a few days. Enclosed along with this snippet of information is the fact that various school supplies need to be replenished. The fact that the start of the new school year is literarily just around the corner means that it is high-time to stock up on the essentials.

Are your children ready to go back to school? Are you ready to send them back to school? Back to school shopping has been made easy in MHC. We are going to make it easier than ever for you to complete your school shopping list. In our store, you can shop from a large selection of various back to school supplies. We have in stock pens, pencils, binders, notebooks, bags, backpacks, in fact, all the stationery supplies needed. Even better, because our prices are some of the lowest around, you save money while you get all your supplies in-store.

Shopping for supplies

Back to school shopping time is an exciting and busy time of the year for parents and kids of all ages. Beat the school supplies shopping rush by shopping as early as you possibly can. You can otherwise browse our website to see what is available online, buy them and have all your bought delivered straight to your doorstep. Therefore we are making sure that your kids are prepared to be back in school on time. Some people drive from store to store looking for the best deals on the back to school supplies. It doesn’t have to be that complicated though. We can guarantee you that we have the lowest prices on all the supplies you need at MHC.

Low low prices

At MHC, we have confidence in the fact that our prices are some of the lowest around. In line with this, we ask that our customers take the dare and look for lower prices elsewhere. We will beat any quote submitted and we will pay 12% of the difference if any lower price is found. So we say, bring it on.

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