Back to School

2015 is done and dusted, the summer holidays are almost over and now the new school year is almost here. Time flies and then almost at the last minute the back to school rush begins, so much to do, so much to get and almost so little time.
Uniform is one thing, the shoes that fitted last term are now a size and half too small, the shirts don’t fit, the pants don’t fit and if you child is starting school for the first time or changing school a whole new uniform is needed. Just one look at the prices scares you but rest assured if you purchase good quality and pay just a little more the extra expense will pay off throughout the year.
But the biggest back to school spend is on stationery. All the books, the pens, the pencils, the crayons, the cokey pens, highlighters and then more books all adds up. But don’t stress, many places such as Metro Home City understand the madness of the back to school stationery requirements and they have your problem, your dilemma under control.
The biggest problem is often balancing price with good quality, Metro Home City has this waxed. All the best brands as well as some lesser known brands that represent outstanding quality and value for money are all available. As with school uniform a few extra Rands spent on quality will pay off over the school year.
Don’t waste your time jumping from one stationery provider to another, buying some here and some there just to try and save. The real saving comes from buying from a quality provider that has excellent pricing and all the items you need under one roof. With multiple children going to school consider buying in bulk and splitting the packs, it will save you money.
Then comes the added extras for those attending high school, calculators, tablets in some schools and so on and not just any calculator or tablet but often a specific brand is required. The better stationery providers will have done their research and found out any specific requirements from local schools and they will then arrange to stock the item. If you require something specific it is worthwhile calling the store or visiting their website to see if they have what you need. Metro Home City has the easiest website to use and the most helpful people to call.
And then relax. Once you have all the uniform, stationery and other back to school things treat yourself and your kids so something fun. The school year ahead is going to be amazing for them and by celebrating the fact they are going to school over a cool drink or an ice-cream is the best thing possible. By shopping at Metro Home City you will have saved on the back to school costs and you will therefore have some change to give your little ones a treat.
Back to school is not hard work. Back to school is not stressful. Back to school is a breeze when you buy what you need for Metro Home City