Back to Work

So you have had a short or not so short break and you now have to go back to work. It doesn’t sound so nice, does it? You have had a few days or even weeks away from the office and all of a sudden it creeps up on you and before you know it you are on your way, in the traffic to your job.

Why don’t you make going back to work a little easier on yourself? Maybe buy some new work clothes, a new outfit, and a nice pair of work shoes and tell yourself that you are going to make 2016 the best year ever. Dress for success and show the boss or your staff that you really mean business.
You may even decide you need some executive toys or tools to make your going back to work better. How about a new tablet to make the planning and running of your work life so much better? With a new tablet you can be more efficient and get more work done. Go on be tech-savvy and make 2016 an awesome year.
You could always get yourself a secret stash of nice things to nibble on. How about some fancy biscuits or sweets just to spoil yourself as you work and remember it is not long until the first weekend. Something sweet or something savoury can make the work day go a little quicker.

How about a nice set of decent stationery? Don’t rely on the bulk office stationery; treat yourself to a good quality pen, something that will make you feel good when you sign your first sale or sign off the first months accounts and budget. It’s just a little touch.
But what if you are the boss; what if you own the company surely you want to make your staff feel great to be back at work after a well-deserved break? What about upgrading some laptops for your staff? January often has amazing deals that mean you can get a better laptop for less. What about all those small accessories such as mouses, headsets, cables and the like that you promised to replace last year but never quite got around to doing? Now is the time to get them and make your staff feel great.
Then those chipped coffee cups and the leaking, dirty coffee percolator that really are not fit to be seen. Go on, spruce up your kitchen area a little, make the staff feel welcome; give your visitors coffee mugs that don’t have cracks and chips.

There is so much you can do to make back to work better and easier for you and for your staff and you can do it all at Metro Home City who have the best products, best prices and best customer service in South Africa.
We wish you and your company all the best for 2016.