Beat the heat this summer

The last couple of weeks have given a strong indication of the desired warmer times, cold front notwithstanding. Things are heating up as summer slowly, but surely, descends on us. As it gets warmer, the inside of our houses gets hotter and most times could be quite uncomfortable to be in.

You can avoid the heat and stay cool and comfortable during the warm summer months by trying the following: –

Keeping cool in summerfan_cooldown_0

Fans can work wonders on warm summer days and evenings and, if used instead of air conditioning, can even save you some money on your electricity bill. Even though it is practical, a fan (there are many types – ceiling, wall-mounted, table or standing) can also add a decorative touch to your space. Whatever type of fan you are looking for, size, style and quality are all important considerations.

On the other hand, an air conditioner can be the difference between sweating it out in your living room all summer long or lounging about in a crisp, cool home. There are basically two types of air conditioners; a wall or mounted one and a portable movable one.

A window or portable air conditioner can take some stress off of your system and cool off rooms that tend to heat up easily. The great thing about a portable air conditioner is it can be moved from room to room as needed. This portability makes it ideal for most homes, though keep in mind they can be heavy and difficult to move around.

For a permanent solution to a warm room, you can install a wall air conditioner. These built-in units sometimes also feature a heating option, meaning they will be useful during the winter months, as well. They are more expensive to set up, especially since they require a hole to be cut into your exterior wall. However, your window and floor space will remain untouched.

So to help with your “cool” search, try answer these questions: Will a portable air conditioner work for my home? Should I install a wall air conditioner in my home? Or would a fan blend more with my style and decor? Whichever option you choose, it is important to select the right size to accommodate your room.

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