Bedroom makeover

Your bedroom may perhaps be considered the forgotten room in your home because no one else actually gets to see it — but this should be quite the exact opposite, because it is the one space where you get to recharge. The one place we oftentimes go to relax and escape our everyday busy lives is the bedroom and thus must be considered the most important room in the home. Bedrooms are extremely personal, making them among the most difficult spaces to decorate. However if and when done right, bedrooms should be stress-free private sanctuaries full of soothing colours, comfortable bedding and plush pillows.
Each dwelling requires a couple of special pieces of furniture for its bedroom, for instance you might find there is a requirement for one or another of these bedroom furniture; beds, bedside tables, cupboards or wardrobes, not to mention the chests of drawers, etc. A quick makeover can easily transform a space with the most need for rejuvenation and energy or style infusion. Figuring out the proper layout of furniture and accessories is essential to getting the perfect bedroom design. Make most of the space in your bedroom by moving the bed to the centre of the room. The key is to create a room that provides enough storage yet still leaves open space to move around.
Bedroom furniture includes canopy bed, four-poster bed, sleigh bed. It is always a great idea to get beds together with bedside tables or pedestals. The furniture department in Metro home city is the place to go for the right choice in bedroom furniture.

Artwork and photographs that put you at ease are a great addition for any bedroom, having the artwork hang over the bed is meant to serve as the room’s centrepiece. Mirrors are a must-have in any bedroom for a number of reasons, some of which are; to help in expanding your space visually, to help with lighting and most importantly, to check your outfit before you step out.
The bedding — your duvet, throw and decorative pillows should play nicely with your colour scheme and reflect your personal style. You can pay a visit to Metro home city’s fabric department if you need help coordinating your colour scheme, your texture or style. Also check out the beautiful duvet sets as well as the lovely polar fleece materials we have on promotion at the moment in store. And for the finishing touches, add some decorative accessories to style your nightstand or dresser. While you shouldn’t be afraid to introduce an interesting print or texture, you must also be careful not to go overboard.
Your options, when it comes to bedroom decor ideas, are endless. To make a bedroom feel like a luxurious box, go with what makes you happy. It doesn’t take much effort to create texture and warmth. You should feel pretty in your bedroom, and I can assure you that ‘pretty’ never goes out of style.