Black Friday

Black Friday is almost on us again, this year it falls on the 27th of November which as always is the day after the American Thanksgiving Day and this day in the United States marks the official start of the holiday shopping season. Even though we as a country do not celebrate Thanksgiving Day, various retailers have decided to be a part of the huge discounts, special offers and promotional prices that make the day unique. nike air tn Our first recorded Black Friday was in 2011 and over the years, more and more retailers have signed on to this day with the hope of helping their customers save as much as they can on their various offers. adidas ultra boost new balance running Special offers and discounted prices of up to 50% off were made for different items ranging from food, clothing and household appliances to various techno-gizmo gadgets and camping equipment. new balance running ugg classic mini From the reports generated after the day last year, most South Africans have now embraced the day with an unprecedented response. The surveys done on shoppers in stores showed that South Africans were out in their masses forming very long queues in the stores and for online shoppers showed huge percentages in the increase in orders placed on the day to the extent that a few of the shopping websites servers crashed under the strain. ugg grise cheap mu Legend zen Who does not love a good bargain particularly when it is coming towards the festive period? black-friday (1)The Black Friday event is popularly known for its in-store mayhem and chaos with things getting very crazy very fast, the plus side to all this for us is that the mad rushes and embarrassing fights encountered in the various stores in other countries have not yet found their ways to our shores but who knows, as it is still early days yet. nike air max 2012 The one deterrent to this new craze is the fact that several South Africans are still not accepting of the day and/or its significance. ugg bailey button mu2legendzen They believe that the “specials” are nothing but and would rather the day was renamed to show a bit of South African “originality” and move away from our recent history of copying everything American (shows; reality and the like) verbatim.

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