Black this and Cyber That

black-friday-1173374_1280It is coming to that crazy time of year again where retailers go crazy and shoppers go crazy for the fact that their favourite store has gone crazy.  Yes, the silly season is just around the corner and Metro Home City is of course going to play its part in the craziness of the silly season.

Two relatively new events have hit South Africa in recent years, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday (Friday 25 November 2016) has been in existence since 1932 and in the United States is considered the start of the Christmas shopping season. On the Friday directly after Thanksgiving, Year upon year Black Friday has been the busiest shopping day in the US and now in many other countries around the world. With stores extending their opening hours and reducing prices on certain products, Black Friday is a shoppers dream come true and the retailers have learnt how to maximise this.

Metro Home City will of course be having its own Black Friday event with superb prices that will entice you the customer.  But it is more than just shopping, Black Friday is about having fun when shopping and many other retailers will join in on this growing annual retail event giving everyone a boost as the year draws to an end and the festive season hidden just around the corner.

shutterstock_1595267661-970x546After Black Friday comes Cyber Monday. This is a relatively new annual shopping event and falls on Monday 28 November this year, the first Monday after Thanksgiving.  Cyber Monday was created by the marketing and online shopping geniuses to capitalise on the growth of online shopping, particularly in the US.  However in recent years online shopping has increased considerably and South Africa is no different.  It is hard to believe that Cyber Monday sales worldwide topped $2 billion with an average sale of $124, South Africa is in the mix!

Metro Home City has a superb online store that has many year round specials on everything the tea cups to technology and Cyber Monday will of course see some amazing “one day only” deals that will amaze buyers. Our online store is gearing up for an explosion of orders and we know that on Cyber Monday we will delight thousands of customers who will recognise the quality and value that Metro Home City Stands for.

So, this serves as a notice to open your eyes and warm you up ready for two awesome retail events that will go further to prove the #MHCBeatsAnyPrice