Brace for More Exciting Trends in Mobile Technology

You think mobile technology has reached its peak?  Well, you got to think again. True, one can be excused for thinking it has indeed reached its peak when you consider the rate at which it has been evolving.  There is a new mobile technology emerging each day, literally speaking.  The cellphone has become indispensable so much that it’s near impossible to imagine life without it. However, despite such unprecedented evolution, it seems we are still to see more exciting advancements in a few years to come as indicated by the following emerging trends:

Less Hardware More Software

One emerging trend in the mobile technology industry is that the relevance of hardware will fade as software takes precedence. What this means is that mobile phones will have increased cloud storage as well as improved software applications support. It won’t matter what device consumers buy in terms of hardware but in terms of software capabilities.

Bye-bye to buffering!

It’s not so long ago when consumers were awestruck by a mobile phone with a two core processor.  Yet, in a short space of time, an eight core mobile processor was no longer impressive. We are likely to see explosive speed in mobile broadband and increased RAM such that buffering will be a thing of the past.

A Cell phone to Wear? Really?

Huawei-Mate7You think it’s impossible? Don’t. Not so long ago you never imagined having a pocket phone, did you? Yet now you can’t leave home without it. And yes you could be wearing your phone somewhere on your body in the not too distant future. If you have heard of Google’s Project Glass (renamed Google Aura) then you know that wearable computing age is not a chimera. In fact 2016 has been targeted for the launch of Google Glass 2 which unfortunately will not be for mainstream consumption but a novelty nonetheless.

These are but a few of the many emerging trends in the mobile technology industry, suggesting that we are destined to witness amazing development in the next few years.  Keep watching this space for new developments. At Metro Home Centre we make it our business to inform our customers of new digital trends. Check out our impressive range of the latest smart phones and smart watches.

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