Bring on the heat

Bring on the heat

Summer has come to an end or is coming to an end and it won’t be long until you haul out the heater to keep your home or office space warm.  As You pull your heater out of storage and hope for the second, third or fourth year in a row that the heater still works, you blow the dust off, give it a wipe and give it a quick look over and then hold thumbs.

It really is not worth it?  Sometimes, keeping a heater for a year or two is fine, especially when there is a 24-month warranty but after that, especially with electric heaters things can become a little chancy. The heater may work but is it working safely?  Is it giving you as much heat as it should?  Is it still running efficiently?  All of these questions should be going through your mind.

If the questions are being asked and you are not totally sure of the answers then it is time to consider a new heater. Metro Home City is the place to go and now is the time to buy, before the mad rush and before stocks of the heater you really want run out.  Just one look on the Metro Home City website and you will begin to feel warmer, the array of heaters that start at just R129 for a superb Goldair Quartz Heater through to always reliable Goldair Gas heaters – don’t forget to buy your gas cylinder, Metro Home City has those too.

Choosing the right heater is essential, especially with electricity costs continuing to rise in South Africa. Choosing a heater that warms sufficiently and with efficiency is what everyone is ideally looking for. Knowing how long the heater will be on for and how large or small a space is needed to be warmed up should all be taken into consideration. Buying a number of small heaters can sometimes be more efficient than buying one large one and yet the reverse is also true if the rooms or spaces are large.  Choosing a heater that is portable and can be used in more than one room is also worthwhile looking at.

Wall heaters that become fixtures have become popular and these heaters are renowned for their efficiency.  They also look good in the home and do not need to be put into and taken out of storage all year round. Wall heaters also warm gently and make a room feel homely and comfortable.

Whatever your heating needs are, Metro Home City has the heater you need. Visit our website or come and look in-store.  With Metro Home City our wide range of products at superb prices will warm your pocket as well as your home.