Carpets and Mats –  make the floor the top priority

What makes a room?

Home-Decorations-bath-mat-rugs-Mats-Carpet-Floor-Mat-For-Living-Room-Bedroom-Mats-Non-slipThere could be one of many or a combination of many answers to that. Some would say the paintwork or wallpaper, others the furniture and some would even say the people or family in the room.  Some people though will say “the floor.”

The floor is a major surface of any room, it makes no difference how big or small the space may be, the floor is an important element and depending on what you do or even don’t do with it the floor can either make a room fantastic or make it dull and lifeless, the choice is yours.

Metro Home City has an amazing choice of Rugs, Mats and even throws that can lift a room or give it life and with a little bit of creativity a once cold room can become warm or a sterile room can become softer, and it need not cost a fortune.

Whether you are looking to fill a large space such or a small space carpets and rugs are available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes that will suit the room to a tee. From small, narrow loose carpets that can bring warmth to a tiled passage or simply make it safer or softer for babies or the elderly to large full room Persian style rugs that can fill a room with  single colour or intricate pattern the choice from Metro Home City is bound to have something that suits your needs.

Experts in interior design will tell you there three things you need to consider when choose a carpet, mat or rug.

Colour, Comfort and Texture


It is important to choose the right colour that fits in with your overall décor and there are a few tricks to getting this right.

  • If you really cannot decide on a colour a neutral colour will always be safe
  • In hard-wearing areas choose a colour that will be forgiving with heavy traffic
  • Natural colours will always bring out nature and create a nice neutral room space
  • Kids rooms you can go wild but think about things like spills and crayons that may not come out on a light colour


Perhaps the most important element of a carpet for some people and choose the level of pile or event material is important and getting this balanced with wear and tear, traffic and what the room is used for make a difference. Deep piles are often warmer but with young children and pets they can be difficult to keep clean,  what may be soft may not be practical.


Wool is the ultimate for carpets but it can be expensive but man-made fibres are more affordable. Man-made fibres are also strong, long-lasting and easy to clean.

Metro Home City has a tremendous choice of carpets, rugs and mats with something for everyone. Come into the store today or visit us online get the ideal solution for your home or even office.