Conquer the world in the right shoes

may_251‘Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.’ – Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was right, look at any woman in good shoes and she could very well conquer the world and everyone can see it.  Shoes for a woman are an essential part of her wardrobe and if that woman happens to also be a lady then even more so.  A woman can never have enough pairs of shoes; men will never understand but inside the man knows that without her shoes his better half if just not completed. Spanish Fashion designer, Manolo Blahnik said ‘Men tell me that I’ve saved their marriages. It costs them a fortune in shoes, but it’s cheaper than a divorce.’, so clearly there must be something.

High heels, flats, sports shoes, smart shoes, casual shoes, shoes for the house, shoes for shopping, shoes for going out with the girls the types of shoe is endless and for a lady there will always be the right shoe for something or some occasion and sometime there will be more than one pair worn in a day, sometimes many more pairs and men just have to accept it.

Finding shoes that suit you, fit you and make that certain statement about you is vital. There is no such thing as just a shoe and Cinderella said “One shoe can change your life”, little knowing how one glass slipper would see her marrying Prince Charming. And as long as the shoe says what it needs to say and the wearer feels comfortable then that is all that matters in many ways… or is it?

A shoe needs to speak and a lady will know this but there is always a certain something about a shoe that is a quality shoe. Cheaper shoes can and will work, some people can carry off the style of a high end designer shoe in an off the shelf not so expensive shoe –if feels right, looks right and they give it the Versace magic by being themselves in the shoe. But a high quality shoe stands out and when it comes to style nothing shouts louder than high quality shoes, Sissy Boys for the girls is just one brand that springs to mind.  But there is something in a quality shoe that nothing can hide.

Investing a little bit more in a brand name or higher quality shoe is worth it, men understand this well as they know a handmade leather smart shoe will last longer and remain stylish for a long time, and while the woman’s shoe may go out of fashion a high quality shoe will always remain stylish. Once a high quality, top shelf shoe is worn a woman will always feel the difference in other shoes, not just the style but the fit and it is this that makes the shoe so special.

The bottom line ladies is that don’t feel bad about spending a little more than you should on shoes, quality does last but in true Marilyn Monroe style you will know that when wearing then you can conquer the word and guess what?…. everyone will know it!