The convenience of online shopping with Metro Home City

MHC_SmallOnline shopping has seen a marked increase in South Africa in the last decade.  Not so long ago an online store was a rarity, cumbersome, unreliable and above all worryingly unsafe.  The speed was appalling and the whole process was decidedly uncomfortable.

Today online shopping is something most people in South Africa are comfortable with and the security of payments is now all but forgotten as online stores, credit card companies, payment gateways, and the banks have made tremendous advances and work together to continuously improve the online shopping experience and safety.  And Metro Home City has taken advantage of this.

When Metro Home City first opened its doors in the 1940’s one would never have imagined that 75 years later people would be able to shop for everything in the store from the comfort of their home using something called “The Internet”, but it has happened.  Metro Home City has an online store that lives up to the very same standards that the owners demanded way back in the 1940s with convenience,  outstanding service and the very best prices remaining at the forefront of trading.

The Metro Home City online store offers everything and more that the bricks and mortar stores have to offer and a number of other benefits.  Firstly the online store is convenient and can be accessed on any device anywhere at any time, and for the busy executive who needs some stationery or office equipment in a hurry but doesn’t have the time to go to a store this makes the store an absolute winner.  Just for those who want to optimize their time, braai with the family rather than visit the store, the Metro Home City online shop just fits in with the South African Lifestyle.

special-offer-606691_1280A second benefit to the online store is the special offers.  Every week Metro Home City provide a number of special offers that deliver big savings on items such as TVs, Dishwashers, Fridges and many smaller items and these offers are unique to the online shopper and not available in store.

The ease of use and clear descriptions of the items for sale make the Metro Home City Online store a pleasure to use. From finding exactly what you want  through to purchase and final delivery is a seamless and logical exercise and is 100% secure throughout the site.  Delivery in many cases is free of charge, another huge advantage of shopping online.

Online there are also frequent competitions and other fun things, you can also sign up for the newsletter and get advance warning of the special offers so as not to miss out.

Metro Home City is proud of the online store, and as much as we would love to see you face to face in store we invite you visit and experience our online shopping first hand. We look forward to welcoming you to our store.