Cooking on Gas

gas burning from a kitchen gas stove

ap07265All over the world Gas is something homeowners and even businesses rely on, but this is because they have piped gas and less bottled in many cases. Gas appliances are renowned for their efficiency and lost cost of running and believe it or not their safety.

In South Africa Gas appliances has seen an increase in use since the troubled times and that little bit of uncertainty that still remains within Eskom, the national electricity supplier. Gas has become the backup solution for many home owners during loadshedding and thus has seen a marked increase in use.

In the past Gas was seen as something for cooking outside or camping with and lanterns, small gas stoves and even gas powered refrigerators being popular among the camping fraternity. For these people, the campers and caravaners, portable gas appliances were a natural thing to use when the lights went out.

But gas appliances are not just for camping or use in the small holiday home by the beach, Gas for those who know it and appreciate it an almost “must have”  in the home.  Gas heaters is one thing and because it is well known that many electric heaters are expensive to run Gas makes a superb alternative, highly efficient and well worth the initial outlay of heater and gas bottle.

Gas Braais have become more popular in recent years. As much as there is something to be said to setting a fire and watching the wood burn until the coals burn before cooking there is nonetheless something that is inconvenient in this. A midweek braai, for example, needs to be quick and waiting for the wood to burn and turn to coals is often far from quick. One could say “use briquettes” but even still there is a waiting time and gas is simply faster and it does, almost, do the same thing.

In the kitchen all good chefs know that Gas appliances are the best. There is a very good reason too. Gas stoves give an instant control of heat, unlike electric hot plates that take time to cool down once turned to a lower setting gas burners cool down instantly giving any chef absolute control. Gas burns efficiently and when food needs a quick blast it is perfect as the heat is as instant as the cooling.

Installing a gas stove is not complicated and in many cases an electric stove can be easily replaced with the pipes and gas cylinders required. Gas is more efficient and even with the slight outlay in costs for the stove, cylinders, pipes and installation it pays for itself quickly.

Metro Home City has a wide range of gas appliances for campers, those who wish to braai outside or those who wish to cook on gas in their kitchen. There is also a wide selection of Gas heaters in store and with such choice we know for sure that it won’t be long before you understand the real meaning of cooking on Gas.