Coordinating colour in a room with the warm months

Spring is slowly giving way to summer, the real warm months and with them, the festive season. Thinking of giving your house a treat with a touch of redesigning? So your home looks super chic and colour coordinated for the upcoming warmer months. A well-coordinated room colour-wise always looks more harmonious and elegant than something put together at random.

If you consider your living room your home’s biggest asset, it will form the focal point of your redesigning process. If the theme of your kitchen stands out to you as a masterpiece, then this should ideally be the point you concentrate on when redesigning the theme of your home. For each decision you make, ask yourself how much value it will give to the room. Approaching the redesigning plan this way will make it easier for you to accomplish.

Certain things happen that might sometimes trigger the redesign process of your home. It could be that your style and tastes have changed. However, things could go awry and you might not like changes implemented. To avoid this, you must have a better understanding of colour and the way to coordinate them.

The colour wheel is very useful in knowing the colours and in coordinating your overall theme. There are basically three colour schemes to work with when redesigning.

  • Monochrome is the simplest colour scheme to accomplish. The monochromatic colour scheme uses all the variations you can have in lightness and saturation of a single colour. You just pick one colour and work with its tints, tones and shades. It is almost impossible to end up with something jarring and ugly when you operate with a single hue.
  • The analogous colour scheme is a very natural looking scheme that retains the simplicity of the monochromatic design and is almost as easy to create. However, it offers more variety and has a lot more interest. It normally uses three colours that are adjacent to each other on the colour wheel.
  • The complementary colour scheme is a high-contrast combination of two colours that sit opposite each other on the colour wheel. It is a good option if you want to make something really stand out. This scheme looks best when you choose a dominant colour for the background and use its complementary colour for accents.

Adding a glowing hue to a room with colourful window treatments

There is so much to consider when selecting window treatments for a room. We may need privacy, light control or both, but don’t overlook the fact that curtains and shades can also add a welcome pop of colour. Curtains and drapes could be making your home cosier, more vibrant or add some edge to it. Be careful you don’t get things that will not impact on your design in a way that makes it more visually appealing.

So how are you going to decorate for the holidays? For the festive season, a lovely idea is being able to customize the home with handmade wreaths that match your decor perfectly.