Custom Made Suits – Facts and Fiction

For any man there is something special about a custom made suit. When you know that a suit has been hand made for you, where you know is fits you perfectly it feels special. But it is all to James Bond or Hollywood Superstar or even Politician about a custom made suit. Many men shy away from a custom made suit because they are just ordinary men and of course if tailor made suits are for the rich and famous they must be expensive. It is not quite true and a lot of fiction seems to have given a custom made suit something of a mythical status that is not entirely true.
The first element of fiction is that getting a custom made suit is time consuming and complicated. Many men will convince themselves that if they shop around they will find a suit that fits because they know what they want.
The fiction is that it takes a lot of time to get a custom made suit made and it is a complex procedure. The fact is that shopping around often takes longer and is often more challenging with pants that don’t fit because they must be a certain size to go with a particular jacket. Shopping around is tiring and eventually becomes frustrating. A custom made suit means you go to one place, one time, tell the tailor what you want, you are measured and voila the process of choosing the suit is over and you can head to sports shop or head to golf course.
The next bet of fiction is that is that shop bought, chainstore suits are of equal quality and they all started out as custom made at some point. This is not quite true. A custom made suit will always be a higher quality suit, even the lower quality materials form which a custom suit is made are far superior to the mass production suits that hang on racks. The attention to detail is meticulous and if you want a certain style of button or a very slightly different lapel you can have it.