Customer Rewards and Loyalty

There is nothing  better than being rewarded for shopping at your favourite store just for shopping and getting greatr deals, and Metro Home City is no different.

2d075f313d66f7260b0d8f596c66f8a6The MHC Rewards APP is available in the Google Play Store and allows users to earn points or rewards for purchases made online and instore.  The App  has been designed as a lifestyle APP and connects you the customer directly with Metro Home City and the products your lifestyle demands.  Visit the Google Play Store today and search the Metro Home City Rewards.

The app is  more than just a loyalty program that allows you to earn points or rewards that can be used towards future purchases or obtain discounts on a wide variety of products that will make shopping at Metro Home City even more enjoyable and affordable. The APP is intuitive enough to understand a bit about you.  By understanding you the APP creates special offers or daily deals that will be of interest to you taking the #MHCBeatsAnyPrice to a whole new level on products that we know you will love.

It is really easy to register for the Metro Home City Rewards Program.  You can simply apply instore and  the friendly customer service team will be ready and waiting to help you. You can  go onto the website and click on rewards. Or the most easy way is to go into the Google Play Store and download the APP to your phone.

The APP is extremely easy to use, the set-up is straightforward and from the APP you can check your points balance, see how much cash back you can get and see your purchase history. From the APP you can also view all departments online and check out the great products at the best prices and finally you will receive your daily deals and be informed of competitions and specials both instore and online before anyone else.

Since the early 1940’s Metro Home City has always been a great place to shop and our rewards program is very much an extension of that and is very much a way of saying thank you for your loyalty and improving the overall service the store has become renowned for.  The rewards APP is free to use and download and is ready and waiting for you right now.

Go ahead sign up for our loyalty program and start shopping and earning those rewards today.  At Metro Home City great service and great prices has always been underlying strength of the store and the reason why people shop now MHC rewards you for many years of loyalty.