Customize your windows with a great variety of curtain options

No matter the style of your home, windows are one of the first things you (and people) notice. Fun fact: – the way you treat your windows would create an ambience that would enhance your particular style.

When it comes to window treatments, there are two types. There are hard treatments which are of wood, cardboard and the like while soft treatments are of soft materials i.e. curtains and drapery. On the other hand, heavy fabric is also available but it all depends on the choices of the customer.

There is a wide variety of options available when it comes to window treatments. This is one of the few decorating items with a lot of choices and options. Decorating a room with attractive and beautiful curtains is inexpensive and does not require much effort or time. People have numerous options for treating windows with trendy designs. These days, People are getting fonder of using attractive curtains to give an elegant look and impact. A plus is that they also block the sunlight.

All styles of draperies and windows treatments

It is quite amazing the impact a few yards of fabric can have on a space. Curtains and drapes play a vital role in enhancing the overall look of the place or a room. In addition to providing much-needed shading, privacy or protection, drapes can completely change the whole atmosphere of a room…be it indoors or out.

One of the most expensive elements of a well-designed home can be the custom curtains. Custom window treatments allow each piece to fit exactly right inside each window without the length being too long/short, or the width too wide/slim. Custom window treatments are handcrafted. They fit each and every window like a beautifully made dress, your fabric, your size, your style, your price! Each window covering is meticulously designed in a workroom of real people, cutting, sewing, fitting all the components together to create that special piece that will complete your look. Whatever style of window treatments you choose, have it custom made. Handcrafted window treatments are products that will create a balance, harmony and, rhythm to your lifestyle and complement and complete your home.

MHC, a world in one store

There are many styles and types, so be sure to review all your options before making a decision. If the array of curtains, shades and, shutters for windows are leaving you baffled about the best choice, there is professional help at MHC.

MHC combines traditional hand-tailoring and meticulous craftsmanship to create elegant and lasting window dressings. MHC handles all stages of window treatment construction. This includes measuring, design, hardware selection, and installation. Each window treatment is actualized to perfection. We have quite a few options that suit almost any budget and taste. Be inspired by the selection we offer at MHC and create a look you will enjoy coming home to every day.