Cyber Monday – what is it the hype about?

As the world becomes more and more cosmopolitan holidays, trends and shopping occasions make their way into society in countries that until a few years ago didn’t experience them.  In South Africa in 2015 two of these have been Black Friday and soon to happen Cyber Monday.

What is Cyber Monday?

Black Friday is the Friday after US Thanksgiving and is one of the busiest shopping days in the retail calendar and signifies the start of the Christmas shopping season.  As part of this and because many people treat the Friday after thanksgiving as a holiday the stores run a special offers, sale prices and other incentives to get shoppers into the malls and stores.  Because of the busyness of Black Friday many people started to stay away from the malls to avoid the crowds and so, in 2005 one of the first online retailers created Cyber Monday to allow shoppers to shop from the comfort of their desktop and get special offers and incentives online.

Cyber Monday 2015 is on Monday 30th November and this phenomenon has, just like Black Friday become present here in South Africa.  The influence of American shareholding in some of the major retail companies in South Africa has seen an uptake of US shopping “celebrations”,  and whilst South Africa doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving the people do like to shop and of course South African shoppers love a good deal or a sale.

Online shopping in South Africa has seen considerable growth, especially in 2015. The consumer has become a great deal more confident in the security of online shopping and whilst  is still perhaps the largest and most well-known of online retailers others such as Metro Home City have quickly found a place in a growing market.

Online retail generally offers a wide variety of products in store allowing for easy side by side comparison and of course often has very competitive pricing.  Cyber Monday is an online sale that makes the most of the power and convenience of an online shopping environment and offers even better value for money and superb sales prices for the shopper to take advantage of.

Cyber Monday is a superb excuse to try online shopping for the first time and many South African retailers are waking up to Cyber Monday as they have to Black Friday to get shoppers to buy. Cyber Monday is the ideal opportunity to see just how convenient and secure online shopping is and at the same time grab some terrific bargains.  Many retailers, both bricks and mortar and online also use Cyber Monday to sell electronic or “Cyber” products at sale prices,  and in this case shopping online a shopper receives double value from their shopping experience.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday look like they have come to South Africa to stay. The real success of how the day performs will only be known a week or two after the events but one thing is for certain and this is that the real winner is the customer. So calling all online shoppers and get your credit cards ready and start saving… Happy Cyber Monday!