Dine in grandeur

Picture this; you have just moved into your new big place that is furnished and styled to your impeccable taste and you want to have friends over for a dinner party to celebrate but there is a “little” problem, you don’t have enough crockery. Also because you eat dinner every night (like most people do), your few plates have definitely seen quite a bit of use. This is a strong indication that it is high time for some investing in new dinnerware and Metro Home City is the right place for that. Here’s how to update your tableware before your next party. With us, improving or revamping your tableware can be as simple or as intricate as you desire.

Now if you are starting from the scratch, the possibilities are endless. You just have to make sure that you invest in all the right pieces, and then slowly expand out to the specialty items. Of course, a dinnerware set that includes bowls, dinner plates, salad plates and mugs or teacups — should be your very first investment. This is because a matching set ensures a consistent, put together look, and is also most times cheaper than piecing a collection together one item at a time.

When it comes to entertaining, it’s all about the tabletop details and because they often have bright colours and interesting patterns, your dinnerware and glassware can often be a part of your table decor.

While your own personal style and preference are important, durability and maintenance are the key factors to consider when selecting your dinnerware. All in all, pick the set made of materials that you find attractive and that works for your needs. Try not to get too carried away with the different current trends, after all trends change. To last you through the years, your dinner plate set ideally should be sturdy and simple. Dinner plates are the most versatile and will see the most day-to-day use. However, good plates, regardless of use, should last you for decades.

Finally, after you have gotten yourself a nice new set of plates from us, consider buying new glassware and flatware sets to complement your dinnerware. So as you get ready to make your purchase of new dishes, do come pay us a visit at Metro Home City.