Ever Thought of Planning your Outfits in Advance?

It can be argued that most well-dressed guys you see actually take time to plan their outfits in advance. This means they understand how important it is to dress with a sense of occasion. Whether you are wearing you favourite Enrico Coveri Jeans and comfy sneakers or your Caspian suit you will still find it helpful to prepare in time.  Some plan their outfits a day in advance while others may even plan two or more days in advance. The way you dress has a huge impact on how you feel and what impression you make on others, so here are some tips to help you plan your outfits in advance.

Use Sundays to plan for the week ahead

Sunday is the day that most people spend time at home. You will do well to use this time to do your laundry and prepare your outfits for the week head. Check your social calendar and work schedule to determine which outfits are suitable for each occasion. If for example you will be attending some executive work meeting you will need to make sure your suit has been collected from the dry cleaners and your matching shirt is washed, freshly pressed and carefully stored flat to prevent wrinkles.

Lay out your clothes the night before

Avoid getting stressed in the morning by laying out your clothes the night before. Make sure that all the clothing items you require are in one place. Clean off your shoes of any dust and polish them if you have to. Perhaps a blazer could be ideal for the hectic morning schedule, make sure it is clean and ready. Also remember small items like a tie and socks – you could easily spend a good chunk of your morning looking for that elusive sock or tie. You do not want to spoil your confidence by wearing just another replacement tie. Do not forget to check the weather forecast and select your outfit accordingly.

Get dressed and go without much ado!

Your morning preparations go smoothly because you know exactly what you are wearing. You have ample time to have breakfast, read the papers or watch the news before you set out to conquer the day ahead with complete confidence.

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