Fabrics galore; Ethnic decor with African print

As we all know, Africa day was celebrated across the continent just a few days ago. To commemorate the event, we are going to be looking at Africa in terms of design and decor. It is time to put the vivacious African continent and its captivating prints, artifacts and designs under the spotlight. “Colour can speak to the soul in a thousand ways” Oscar Wilde African design is as charming as the continent itself and colour is very important in creating the African feel. In interior decoration, we tend to come across African style far less frequently than one would like. African print fabrics and tribal print textiles can be used for upholstery or used on any other household decor item; African prints and African inspired textiles can be used to create beautiful fabrics, and individual luxurious accessories for home decor, fashion and interior design. Furniture can be re-upholstered with the African prints and fabrics. legend zen for sale For instance, have you considered making some curtains out of African fabric? Lampshades can be redesigned and made to sport an amazing variety of designs and materials. For dining chairs, professionally made cushion covers with zippers at the back are great, because they can be removed and washed. Do not be afraid to try to go bold with the African style, try switching out your standard throw pillows for a few bold pillows made of African-inspired textiles. Nothing says Africa like inviting, warm earth tones, that’s apart from it being a wonderful warm choice that beats the chill of the cold winter outside. Going for the African style is all about reconnecting with nature and its unadulterated magic. Don’t be afraid to play around with textures; textures, colours and functions centre on bringing motion and life to our spaces; but don’t stop at solid colours. If you are using African prints in your furniture or textiles, rather stick to one pattern and don’t overdo it — nothing makes a room feel more dizzying and look gaudier than multiple prints stacked up next to each other. African decor can be dynamic, creative and pretty much inspiring. Take your time, don’t rush through the design. Great design takes a while and usually requires refining before you come up with the perfect plan for your lifestyle. cheap mu Legend zen Come visit the fabric section at Metro home city to explore Africa and your own wild side.