Floor mats: An alternative to carpeting

For (but not restricted to)people who can’t or won’t do wall to wall carpeting or area rugs in their houses for various reasons, there is another way for you to subtly add to the design and aesthetics that exists around you. When thinking of adding some detail to your space – whether it’s contrasting or coordinated – rugs and mats are invaluable. bottes ugg Ideally, the first thing that meets your feet at your front door (and back door), when you get out of bed or step out of the bath/shower is some sort of floor covering that is placed on your carpeted, wooden or tiled floors. At Metro Home City, we cover everything pertaining to floors. The various ranges we have stocked in our carpeting department have been extended to cover more than just the normal wall to wall carpeting and area rugs, now we offer artistic and stylishly designed mats for your kitchen floors, bedroom and bathroom floors as well as welcome mats for your front and back doors. Whether you are looking for a plush and soft mat for your bedroom and/or your bathroom floor, a kitchen rug, textured sisal rug for your entryway or an outdoor mat, there is something out here at Metro Home City for everyone. ugg boots bailey bow We have an extensive product range of an exceptionally high standard. kitchen-rugs-5 Rugs and mats bring cosiness and atmosphere into your space. They protect your floor from wear and tear, help you show off your personal style and treat your feet to some softness. Tired feet in the kitchen would do well to be on a mat that would help alleviate fatigue during cooking, while you are rustling up something on the stove. Naturally, you will want a mat that not only looks good but also feels comfortable beneath your feet. Our kitchen mats and rugs also offer an easy way to update your kitchen space and you will be treating your feet to some softness, too. You need to select the right mat for you in terms of size, durability, and comfort. nike tn If your rooms have hard floors, mats and rugs provide a soft surface and a warm welcome for your feet. An alternative to carpeting your bedroom floor is placing floor mats next to the sides of the bed so it is what your feet meet first each time you get out of bed. Give your feet a softer, warmer landing each time and your bedroom a softer, warmer look overall. Bath mats are an important part of any bathroom’s decor, providing style and protecting your floor from excess moisture, not to mention keeping you from slipping. 2017 asics At Metro Home City we have bath mats in different sizes, styles, materials and colours. Our bath mats and rugs will provide extra protection for your bathroom floors, and provide a soft, warm spot for your feet while you are brushing your teeth or just stepping out of the shower/bathtub. Come through to Metro Home City and search for colours and textures you love from our vast range of mats and rugs. basket adidas zx flux Our wide range of sizes and colours makes it easy to find one to fit your space and your style.