Follow the Easter Bunny at Metro Home City and Win, Win, Win

It’s Easter and Metro Home City is the place to be for fun, prizes, great value products and much much more.

The Easter Bunny is hiding somewhere in Metro Home City and he has left a trail of clues to help you find him; if you can find him you stand a chance of wining a Samsung 40 Smart TV Valued at R7000 or one of  many other amazing prizes too. Sign up for the Metro Home City Treasure Hunt today because somewhere hidden on the Metro Home City website the Easter Bunny is waiting to be found but you will have to register to get the clues to find him.

The Easter Bunny maybe in the Office Furniture Department or with the linen or even with the toys, there is no way of knowing where he will be. All we can tell you is that he will be hidden among some of the best value products anywhere in South Africa. Register at Metro Home City and become a treasure hunter today. Follow the clues that will be on Facebook and Twitter and explore our store. Look out for our amazing Easter Specials on everything from Towels to Toasters and follow the treasure trail to win a Samsung Smart TV and many other great prizes.

The Easter Bunny has lots of other surprises for every registered treasure hunter that include discounted airtime and other vouchers when you purchase selected items – register online and follow Metro Home City on Facebook and Twitter for more information.  Over the next few weeks numerous special deals and limited offers for registered treasure hunters only will be announced on our Facebook Page and Twitter account – like Metro Home City and follow today!

The Metro Home City Treasure Hunt is really easy to take part in and is fun way to explore the widest range of products at the best prices in town.  Register here to find out where the Easter Bunny is hiding with a clue on Facebook or Twitter,  like and share the clue and let others join in the fun.   Come back each day and stand in line to win one of many spot prizes.

The Treasure Hunt is really easy enter, there will be a number spot prizes along the way for liking and sharing as well as some random draws just because it is Easter. Don’t miss out, register today and like us on Facebook and let the games begin!