For an evening to remember

Every girl dreams about her first time to get all glamorised for an evening outing. For some, it is to a wedding, birthday party or even a dinner date. For others, it is to the magical matric farewell dance night-an event anticipated since the first day of school.
When it comes to dreams like this, each girl wants a unique creation made specifically for her and not replicable for anyone else. Something made out of a fairy tale even, that would magically transform her into a princess, even if it is just for one night.
It is a given that a formal dress or long formal evening gown is a must have in your wardrobe. Finding the perfect evening gown with the perfect fit that looks and makes you look beautiful is an almost daunting task. So where do you begin when shopping evening dresses? A timelessly elegant gown perfect for that special occasion and is sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

img-thingCome on down to MHC, here you can find your perfect bespoke evening dresses for any occasions.

At MHC, we have a ladies wear department that stocks fabulous short and long formal dresses made in elegant fabrics like, chiffon, lace, tulle. Our gowns are finished with lace, pleated and embellished silhouettes. They can normally be paired with the jackets, wraps and cloaks, if desired. As well, a pair of gorgeous gloves might be perfect to accessorise your evening gown.

Fabrics and Do.It.Yourself

For the ladies who love working with their hands, we have a well stocked fabrics department. Here you will find a great variety of fabric types in thousands of styles, colours, and designs to choose from. With the help of our talented and dedicated attending staff, you can come up with a fresh design and glamorous style for the evening gown you want to make/create.

Come now and check out our beautifully diverse evening gowns collection in the latest designer styles at MHC. Do this and you will be looking quite stunning for your next big event.