Gardening; the beauty and effects of nature

Officially we kicked off spring a while back and recent weather conditions confirm that we are fully into spring. Now that rain is falling aplenty, there is but one thing on most minds – gardening. Do you have a green thumb or green fingers? Have you tried your hands at gardening of any scale, be it with a potted plant or more?
The therapeutic effects of gardening are numerous as well and are reasons why it must be given considerable thought. Gardening is believed to help relieve stress, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and increase brain activity, amongst many other things. There is even an official day set aside to celebrate gardening; October the 9th.
One thing is sure, South Africans love their gardens, no matter how small it may be. It is a good place to relax in particularly in the warmer seasons and it brings you closer to nature. However, you can’t enjoy your garden if it is running amok or dying in parts. You need garden tools and equipment to help keep everything under control, this is where MHC comes into the picture.
At MHC, we will gladly supply you with the tools and equipment you need to keep your garden in tiptop shape. From the hand tools you will need to prune and till, to the pipes and fixtures needed for water supply to keep your garden looking luscious and green.

Spend time outside in your garden this warm season and enjoy the sights and smells of nature. Make your beautiful garden your pride and the envy of others, keep it luscious and in shape with our tools. Pay us a visit in our garden tools and equipment department to view the array of tools we have. It is a gamble you would surely be glad you made.