Get organised

It is incredible how time flies; we are almost through with February even though it feels like we just got into 2017. Hopefully those of us who are determined to stick to their New Year’s resolutions are doing just that. However in order to do that effectively and efficiently, you need to get organised and put things in order.


How do you get organised?

There are a few things you can do to help you get organised.

Firstly: De-clutter

You must get rid of clutter around you. This is applicable to both work and home. You must allocate some time to sort through and cleanse each room (or your desk if at work). Take some time to seriously sort out our clutter. Go section by section and remove what isn’t necessary or used. Try to avoid just reorganising your clutter here, actually get rid of stuff! You can make use of the stylish dustbins available at Metro Home City to get rid of some of your rubbish. Clean and organise stuff at your place/work/car/cellphone. Clean the house, clear that junk, and with a big smile remove all the negative things.

Secondly: Get up to date

If you’ve got a backlog of things to sort out, consider taking some time off to tackle these things. Create a to-do list at work as well as at home, to be updated at end of each day before leaving the office. This will not only help keep you organised but allow you to relax more outside of work, knowing you don’t have to keep reminding yourself to do X,Y or Z the next day. At work, also take some time to sort through all your emails, ensuring you unsubscribe to any emails you no longer read. Write everything down; do not only rely on your memory. Therefore make notes of all important tasks and dates down in journals available at Metro Home City. These journals are part of the stationery from Parrot products. Plan your goals. Just write down simple, long-term, and big (or small) to-dos in your journal, planner or notebook.

Thirdly: Buy gift items in advance

Don’t wait till the day before to buy birthday or Christmas cards and gifts as it is often stressful and can mean you pay more. Instead make a list of loved one’s names and write potential gift ideas for birthdays and Christmas and every time you are out shopping try and buy at least one item from the list and tick it off. Also consider shopping online – but make sure you check last posting dates to ensure your present arrives when needed. You can check out our online store at Metro Home City to make use of our online special deals that are available from time to time. Depending on the occasion, alcohol (obviously for adults only), gift cards or vouchers (available in all good card shops) and jewellery always make nice gifts as well!

Extra Tip: Also stock up on a variety of greetings cards in the sales and store in a designated ‘card drawer’ at home. This will mean if you need a card at the last minute you have one ready.

Fourthly: Get your prioritises straight

To achieve our goals we also need to prioritise. Set your priorities clearly at the start of each day and each week in line with your overall goal. Create clear goals. Think about what goals you want to achieve for this year. These could be in relation to home, work, family, friends, personal development etc. Set yourself a target, and then make a list of the steps you’ll need to make in order to get there. It will also seem less daunting and more easily achievable if your break it down into small steps. To help achieve your goals, and remember important information and dates, invest in stationery. Buy a calendar and/or diary and keep it somewhere safe (and somewhere you know you will check it often!). You need to have something in front of you for a planned life. You can even make a calendar of your own. This will ensure you don’t forget, or double book yourself on important events such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings etc.

Hope you enjoy these tips and find them useful.


Extra tip: To give yourself an extra incentive, why not plan something extra nice to reward yourself for when you complete each task/goal?