Gifts for men

christmas-1015347_1920Men can be full of nonsense when it comes to Christmas gifts and everyone knows so. Finding the right gift for men is therefore important especially at Christmas

When choosing a gift for a man it doesn’t always have to be expensive sometimes practicality is more important.  For the man who loves to tinker or if he needs a hint about some jobs around the house tools or toolkit makes a great gift, while he still may not get to the job at least the tools are  now available for you do it

But socks and handkerchiefs can get a little boring… can’t they?  Normal work or sports socks maybe, but something funky, fun and festive certainly will not.  No matter how outrageous the Christmas socks will be a man will be forever lifting the hem of his trousers to show them off to others. When he does this, even if he raises his eyebrows as he unwraps them you know you have won this Christmas, even if only for a day or two.

51XJ7zoXIjLThen comes the man who loves his gadgets. What do you get for the man who has everything?  Of course you get him some technology Wi-Fi alarm clocks with CCTV cameras is something he most certainly won’t have and yes they do exist.  A Bluetooth headset to accompany the iTunes voucher someone kindly bought hit will bring a smile to his face and many others, men love cool things.

What about the man who wants to know he is loved?  Sure you can buy him a Christmas or even “I love you” coffee mug but sometimes you just want to say something a little bit more.  Christmas time is just that and time makes a wonderful gift and a stylish watch is something any man will appreciate and each time he checks the time he will think you with fondness. A sports watch or something a little more sophisticated, if you know the man you will know his style and he will be the happiest man on earth this Christmas.

You may want to push the boat out a bit and if you man has a man cave or den that he scurries away to when the Rugby is on then something for that room would be the perfect gift. A smart TV or even an upgraded games console would bring a smile to his face and make his Christmas, in fact with this gift if you want to get rid of you man for a while over Christmas then this will work wonders!

But above all the gift you choose for a man comes from the heart and he knows that. Whether you have bought him the humble pair of socks or if you have spoilt him with a new Xbox the meaning and the sentiment is the same, he knows you care and his smile will say it all. Christmas is a time for giving and a time where love and happiness rule the roost and as long as you have that you have Christmas!