The handy man challenge

In each home and/or office, something almost always breaks and needs fixing. In many cases, the broken thing doesn’t need a lot of expertise to fix, just a bit of know-how. But without the proper tools, we just have to call in the experts to handle such. What if you could become your own handy man? With the right tools and technical know-how, you sure can.

Firstly, who is a handyman or woman?

A handyman, also known as a handyperson or handy worker, is a person skilled at a wide range of repairs, typically around the home.

handymanThis is the person with the appropriate DIY info and skills that can do just about any odd job, whenever you need it doing around your house. Whether you need a large or small repair job, maintenance works of different types and ranges. However, you are a “tinker” or love working with your hands, you could become your own handy man. And to help you with this dream, Metro Home City has got in store some of the best in quality tools you could ever come across.

We now sell quality Casals power tools; drills, saws, sanders, grinders and much more. Everything you will need for your entire carpentry, plumbing, electrical and painting jobs. Even if you are only doing small touch ups jobs like trying to renew your metal or wooden window and door frames. We have got you covered with all the tools needed to maintain your house or building whenever you have renovations to be done.

And for those of you with a bit of free time on your hands but you don’t want to do anything heavy-duty. How about getting down to some woodworking projects? You can make some items that would be useful around the house. You can make a simple picture frame or make a pallet wood wine rack.

Come over to Metro Home City to equip your tool box or tool belt with various Casals power tools in preparation for your handy man challenge.