Has the Smartphone Replaced the Compact Camera?

Step aside compact camera – enter smartphone? No, not so fast. No doubt the smartphone poses a huge threat to the usefulness of the compact camera. The demand for compact cameras continues to drop as more and more people turn to the convenience of smartphones. But can we really say that the compact digital camera is a thing of the past? Maybe not just yet! Let us explore the advantages of both the smartphone and the compact camera and then you can decide whether it is still worthwhile to buy a compact camera or not.

Advantages of a smartphone

  • Sharing: It’s a lot easier to share photos with a smartphone any time anywhere
  • Image editing: With a smartphone there is so much you can do to edit you pics including framing and tweaking colours.
  • Playback: Playback is fun with a smartphone. Real good ones have larger screens and high resolution.
  • Convenience: a smartphone is so convenient because you never leave home without it and so you can shoot any time.

Compact Camera

Advantages of a Compact Camera

  • Manual control: Compact cameras allow for creativity with the manual control of shutter speeds as well as apertures.
  • Battery life: A compact camera battery last much longer than that of a smartphone.
  • Picture quality: Compact cameras have got larger sensors that enable you to get superior quality pictures especially when the light is low or difficult.
  • Lenses versatility: Compact cameras have got a superior ability to zoom in and out and still take a good shot.

There you have it. The compact camera is still very ideal for serious or professional photographers while the smartphone works just fine for the social shooter.

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