Homeware at Metro Home City; for your homely needs

Many things go into making a house home, together with furniture and the other homeware stuff, know the colours and your overall theme. You might have to learn the do’s-and-don’ts of colour, how to lay out a room to scale, how to combine fabrics, colours and textures.

When decorating a space, you must know or learn where to begin when determining a room design, how to get inspired and gain access to invaluable design resources. This is while trying to incorporate the homeware essentials for your living space, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. Items such as cushions, area rugs, mirrors, lighting, art pieces and more are just some of our selection of homeware products in Metro Home City that are in stock to help incorporate luxury into your home.

Decorating your personal space should be fun and as enjoyable as shopping for a special outfit.There is something to be said for beautiful furniture and decor in a space. It gleams and gives warmth to a room. Some people love being able to customize their homes with unique homeware items that match their decor perfectly. Essential homeware items for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living space and also your outdoors area are readily available in the different Metro Home City departments.

As one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, living rooms often collect an abundance of books, electronics and knickknacks. Avoid turning it into a glorified storage unit by splurging on built-ins. Rather invest in stylish ways to hide away your clutter while sprucing up your space at the same time like storage ottomans. These ottomans can also be repurposed in the living room, serving as stools or seats while you are entertaining. While entertaining, you can be creative and bring light in with candles mounted on elegant candle sticks from Metro Home City.

A textured rug can add just as much dimension to a room as a bold color can. Express your personality in a big way, show how interesting and fun you are, and make visitors feel welcome through a bold joyous rug at your doorway.

Did you just change or installed new window treatment? Why not jazz them up with tie-backs? Tie-backs: an uber-traditional approach to dressing windows. You can find tiebacks in a variety of colours and styles — some are silky cords while others are thick strips of colourful fabric.


Homeware and décor are indeed the perfect way to freshen up any type of space. Find the perfect decorations for your stylish home with the various departments in Metro Home City. We have a range of items to help you personalise and improve your home as well as to deliver the much desired results. Hence come through to view our vast range of homeware and decor items before making purchases. This is because once you make the wrong choice; it is going to annoy you for many times to come.