How to DIY-IT: Christmas projects

DIY-IT projects and lifestyle tips are meant to help you hack every part of your life but in this case, it is to help decorate your home. Holiday crafts that will make great Christmas decorations and/or Christmas gifts!

Homemade Christmas ornaments to hang on your tree and around the house

There are many benefits to you making a Christmas ornament/decoration by yourself: First, the materials are easy to get. You can use any materials available at hand but not need to pay for them. You can also use recycled materials; they are earth-friendly and budget-friendly. If done with family and friends, then it serves as a bonding-time project.

While these cannot be compared to buying the ones in the store, you can mix these holiday crafts with your traditional or store bought decorations for an extra special look. So add festive touches around your home with these creative DIY decorations that you can put together in no time.

Here are some handmade ideas for you. You can never have too many ornaments with these sweet and simple handmade crafts. They can help you have an easy and meaningful holiday and help you spread the Christmas holiday cheer to everyone around you.

With these ideas from, you only need a handful of materials to get your decorations done.

The Glam Garland Wreath


MATERIALS: You need a garland or garlands if you want to mix colours, a wreath form, push pins or glue gun to hold it in place

Here is how to DIY-IT:

You wrap your garland(s) around your wreath form and use your push pins to secure your garland in place. You can use your glue if you feel the need and voila! If needed, use a piece of ribbon to hang.

The Christmas Ornaments Wreath


MATERIALS: You need a garland, ornaments, a wreath form, glue gun to hold it in place

Here is how to DIY-IT:

You wrap your garland around your wreath form and tie tight. Then you add your glue to secure your garland in place.  Next, your place your ornaments as you would like them to be and then glue them in place.  And you are done! If needed, use a piece of ribbon to hang.

As was promised, these projects are soooooo simple and easy to do. So spruce up your home for the season with these decorative homemade holiday ideas—they’ll trim your tree, deck your halls and so much more.