IPTV is here

With the improvements in internet connectivity and the continued development in technology it comes as no surprise the Internet TV has arrived in South Africa. IPTV or Internet Protocol Television embraces the power of Android and the World Wide Web to deliver outstanding, high speed streaming TV in full HD from a multitude of international channels straight to your TV in your home, guesthouse, school or place of work.
The IPremium IPTV Box +DVB S2 is among the first IPTV devices to be made available in South Africa and Metro Home City are proud to announce its availability for our customers. In a nutshell the Ipremium IPTV Box is an Android device that brings TV to you via your high speed internet connection, sort of a halfway house between Satellite TV and Cable.
The Ipremium IPTV is a high quality IPTV device with a superb specification:
1.5Ghz Quad Core Processor
Android 4.4.2 Operating System

With IPTV you can subscribe to an extremely wide variety of channels from all over the world that includes sport, movies, documentaries, music, Kids TV and much more. With IPTV you have access to the widest choice of TV and Radio programs all streamed to you via your internet connection.
There are a growing number of international and South African Free to Air IPTV providers as well as the Dream IPTV App that gives you access to hundreds of free movies and TV channels that mean you can get a selection of high quality programs to watch without a subscription, at no cost at all other than the cost of your internet connection and data.
For IPTV you need a fast internet connection, preferably uncapped and a TV that the Ipremium IPTV device can plug into. There are no costly set up fees and no dishes or cables to install, you simply plug the Ipremium IPTV device into your TV, configure and connect it to your internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet Cable, select your country and the subscription package you want and then sit back and watch over 300 channels of just about everything that can include Discovery, ESPN, Netflix, Youtube, Vimeo and many others.
IPTV is an exciting new way to easily bring entertainment home with full HD quality and a choice of programming without all those nasty repeats that far exceeds DSTV offering. The Ipremium IPTV device is the ideal device to make IPTV work for you. With IPTV you can take TV with you, as long as there is a an internet connection and an up to date TV your IPTV device can plug in at your holiday home, friend’s house, school or even the office. You can even share the IPTV screen to your mobile phone or tablet via Wi-Fi, surf the internet with a keyboard and mouse and play games using a game controller, the Ipremium IPTV box is much, much more than just TV becoming fun for everyone.
With an Ipremium IPTV device you will be the envy of all your friends and while they are waiting for Season 3 to appear locally you will be halfway through it and ready for Season 4 keeping up with the rest of the world.
Get your Ipremium IPTV device today and start watching tomorrow’s TV tonight.