How to keep warm in winter

With the crazy weather we have been experiencing in the last couple of days, it seems like fall is long gone. It is official, winter is no longer on its way, winter is here. There is already a nip in the air and we all crave a hot beverage to keep warm.

So, in what ways can we keep warm now that we are really in the thick of winter?

During the day, try going for the layered look. Wearing different layers of clothing traps the air between the clothes and warms you up. This recommended as against wearing one thick outfit all day. This is because you can remove items from the different layers if you feel too warm.

You must also let the light into your space. Use nature’s heater to your advantage by keeping your curtains open whenever the sun is up and warm. Conversely, close them tight at nightfall. The thicker your curtains are, the more effectively they will be to act as insulators and stop heat from escaping your space.

At night, try investing in a nice fleece blanket. These blankets are great for keeping warm. You can put them between yourself and the duvet cover or you can put it on top of your duvet cover. The location will be depending on how cold you are feeling. Metro Home City has gotten in stock some of the thickest and warmest blankets this side of the country.Keep-Warm-Keep-Well

Let us bring out the hot water bottles from storage. Check your old hot water bottles for cracks and leaks. Change your bottles if necessary, you don’t want to get burnt. Also change the fleece cover of your bottle if it looks or feels old.

Furthermore, you must cover your floors. You lose warmth through cold floors and no amount of fuzzy socks can really protect you from that ice-cold bathroom tile early in the morning. Nothing gives you the chills like walking around on freezing floors. Cover any bare floors with rugs this winter, and you will be walking warmer all season.

Are your old heaters still operational? If not, it is time to choose a heater from the vast array we have in store and online. This is not going to be so easy a task, as our range feature the most stylish you can find. They come in different sizes, and are either electrical or gas operated. A choice of either takes into account your utility bill.

To pass time, try working on a winter craft that you know you won’t get a chance to do when the weather warms up. You can make beanies, blankets, sweaters, socks and mittens; depending on your level of expertise in crafting. And your handiworks would be useful in keeping you and your loved ones warm too.

Finally, think warm thoughts.