Kettles and Toasters are not boring


Every home today has an array of small appliances and many homes have appliances that have seen better days or are just out dated and that opens up the doors to gift ideas.

Once upon a time all toasters and kettles looked a little bland, white and boring and if you were lucky you had a fancy toaster that was silver or metallic, but small appliances were not exactly great gift ideas to things that excited you.  Today the appliances in the home make a statement, the appliances are part of the décor and for some people having the right brand name even on a kettle makes all the difference.

Nothing much has changed about how an appliance operates or what it does, a kettle still boils water, a toaster cooks bread, a blender blends and a hand held vacuum cleaner is still a vacuum cleaner, but modern appliances do look different.  Ten or even twenty years one would never have imagined a kettle or toaster making a lifestyle statement and one would never have even thought that the style, colour or name of an appliance would be such an important lifestyle choice. The fact is an appliance is no longer just an appliance and because of this an appliance makes an amazing gift or becomes a more challenging purchase.

electric-kettle-1644823_1920Kettles come in all shapes and sizes, in the past there was a choice of corded and cordless with a colour choice of white or if lucky black and before that was a choice of corded or place on the stove. Today kettles come in a variety of shapes from old school looking whistle kettles that used to sit on the stove to metallic jugs and plastic jugs in variety of colours through to very stylish glass kettles.  Even the On and Off switch is an important style feature, what colour do you want your kettle to glow? Blue? Red? Yellow?  Yes the choice is there and this is what will make one person buy a particular kettle over another.

toast-1077984_1920Toasters are now stylish and the colour and shape of the toaster says everything.  Toasters for the home you used to be simple slam down and pop up for 2 slices or 4, today the toasters have heat or brownness control, can have slices side by side in a row or have slots that cook toast at different settings for each slice. Home toasters at the higher end have the same levels of control as hotel and restaurant machines.  Just like the kettle the toaster now says a lot about a person and their lifestyle, a toaster is no longer just a toaster but a statement.

When shopping for a kettle or toaster it is no longer such a straightforward choice, today one not only needs to consider the practicalities of the appliance but one needs to take in the style and know if it will work with their décor.  One only needs to look in any appliance store and one will soon be overwhelmed by the choice of kettles and toasters and that is actually a good thing.

When you need to replace your kettle or toaster get creative and think beyond the practical.