Kids Winter Fashion

Don’t we all wish we were still kids?  This adulting thing we do is nowhere near as much fun and for the vast majority of us, compared to kids, our fashion is conservative. Kids fashion is fun, it is fearless and nothing it seems is unfashionable. When it comes to fashion, clothes, bags and more kids don’t care what others think. To kids having something on a t-shirt or bag that is different, a princess, a my little pony, a Spiderman or Ben10 is cool where for adults, sure they can have Spiderman, but it must sophisticated.

Kids Fashion is all about fun and in recent years the stores are full of superheroes, Disney characters, hello kitty and so much more. Kids are spoilt for choice and they want, want, want and Metro Home City can help. Today Kids Fashion is big business, not so much because kids grow out of clothes and things so fast but because kids are exposed to so much more. Being different with designs and fitting in go hand in hand with kids, best friends wear or carry the same and even if just for a day, the bond through an item of clothing or print on a backpack is stronger than any other.

Like it or not, winter is coming and kids will want to look cool when it is cold. Does that make sense?

cars_3Metro Home City has an amazing range of Kids winter wear. Stylish knitted hats and trendy gloves to keep the little ones warm in a wide variety of designs. Beanies, scarves and gloves from Barbie to Star Wars and everything in between, any child will be thrilled to wear them.

Then to keep toes warm in winter Metro Home City has a delightful range of booties with cute designs that the teeny tots will simply adore. Well-made and well priced the kiddies booties make the perfect surprise mid-year gift.

For older kids who have outgrown booties why not get them a pair of warm and woolly slipper socks. These high quality Winter Must-haves come in a range of exciting designs for both boys and girls and are a snip at just R29.99

When it comes to kids fashion there is a never-ending choice of names, characters and brands that kids love and want. Metro Home City has the widest range of wonderful winter fashion for kids at amazing prices. As always Metro Home City brings quality, value and choice to the table making them the only place you need to visit to keep your kids warm and cosy this winter.