Kitchen Appliance Trends


5 Appliance Trends for your kitchen

Ever since the discovery of fire the area of cooking has been the place to congregate. Initially for warmth by the fire and also for food little has really changed since Stone Age times, other than the fact few of us cook on open fires indoors and we don’t just have one room. The kitchen is the heart of the home and because of this it needs to be kept stylish, modern and inviting.

Here are 5 Appliance Trends that could just make your kitchen even more of a focal point.

Coffee with Friends

63Coffee is always something associated with a kitchen and for many simply switching on the kettle and pouring some almost boiling water over a spoonful of instant coffee is enough but that is not the trend. More and more people are becoming adventurous when it comes to coffee, exploring exotic or more familiar blends and making not just coffee but espressos, cappuccinos and more. To address this coffee trend people are purchasing coffee machines that become a focal point in the kitchen, some choosing the convenience of pods and others more sophisticated machines. What is your choice?

Colourful Appliances

Not so long ago appliances were white and white was the only choice available. White looks clean and is easy to clean but a kitchen is more than just being about looking and feeling clean, that cleanliness needs to come with colour. Today appliances both large and small are available in a variety of colours and this mixing and matching of colours has become quite fashionable.  What colours do you want in your kitchen?

Green is not just a colour

While you can have any appliance in any colour including green a green kitchen environmentally is the thing to have.  All appliances today have an energy rating or measurement of how green they are. The move to more efficient appliances has been seen, firstly because the cost of electricity and water has risen in recent years and secondly because people are more aware of the environment. How green is your kitchen?

Healthy Lifestyle

It is not just the environment that people today are concerned about, today their health as part of their lifestyle matters.  Appliances that compliment this lifestyle are important and this is no clearer than in the appliances used for cooking. Steamers have become one of the biggest trends and changes in the way we cook in recent years and a steamer or steam oven is now an essential part of any modern kitchen. How healthy is your kitchen for you?

Quality on your counter top

An appliance is not just am appliance and practicality does not have to look ugly.  Premium appliances are a growing trend and they represent not only style but superb value for money. Not only do premium kettles, toasters and other small appliances look great but they are often made to very high standards giving you a reliable and very good looking set of appliances on your kitchen counter.

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