Laminated flooring for hygienic and cozy modern homes

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A new trend is gradually taking over the floor covering department in interior designs. Home owners and designers are falling in love and can’t seemingly get enough of it. For flooring that stays cool in summer and warm in winter, make laminated flooring your first choice.

Due to its aesthetic and practical appeal, laminated flooring can easily transform a space into an inviting and stylish sanctuary. It is suitable for installation in any space and can be made to suit any individual’s style. Its great characteristics include not harbouring dust, and is therefore a great choice for people affected by allergies and asthma.

Laminated flooring is not only attractive but is also available in a wide range of colours. It is a popular choice for many because it is an innovative and cost-efficient alternative to today’s most popular hard surfaces. Besides the great textures and designs, it offers improved durability; easier maintenance and affordability compared to other types of hard surfaces floors.

Its low cost, durability, visual looks and ease of cleaning makes it a top choice for many modern home owners looking to restyle into a cozy and hygienic home.

At MHC, our laminated floorings have a very high wearing surface, thus making cleaning quick and easy.


Maintenance is quick and easy using a damp cloth or vacuum. Most household cleaning chemicals will not harm a laminated flooring.

WARNING: do not use any cleaning agents unless you have made one hundred percent sure that it is suitable for laminated floorings. No excessive rubbing, polishing or sanding down is necessary and advised. Your laminated floorings are already treated with high quality finishes and will therefore clean easily.

Do not expose your floor to excessive water over extensive periods as this will result in moisture damage to the laminate. DO NOT WASH YOUR FLOORS with a mop and bucket of water.

Don’t allow water to stand on your floor for any length of time. Should a water spill occur, do not panic. You must just wipe as soon and as best as you possibly can. However excessive water leakage from washing machines, taps or continuous wet mopping of your floors over a period of time will CAUSE damage.

Protect the laminated flooring in high traffic areas and from excessive tracking of outside dirt and soil with mats at all entrances. Place runners and area rugs along high traffic areas.

The use of protective felt pads under all chair and furniture legs are recommended to further protect the floor.

Purchase your laminated flooring from MHC and enjoy one of the best investments to your property you will ever make!