Laptop Cases – how to choose

Laptop Case

Your laptop, whether it is an older laptop running windows 7 or a state of the art Mac or high end laptop is valuable to you. How you carry it is also important, especially if you are very mobile with your laptop, and everybody has their own preference when it comes to laptop cases and bags.
You cannot use just any case or bag for carrying a laptop, without the correct padding and strong enough handles your laptop could become damaged and that costs money. You need to consider comfort, are the straps adjustable or not? Little things make all the difference.
How you laptop bag looks is also important, especially here in South Africa where laptop theft is high. Having a bag that makes your laptop look tempting to steal is something that few laptop users fail to consider, if your bag shouts out that you have a really expensive laptop then it could become more of a target.

Laptop bags are made specifically for the purpose of carrying a laptop. Laptops come in various sizes and when choosing your laptop bag you need to consider this. Have a look at the bag to see whether it is perhaps specifically designed for your sized laptop or can be adjusted to hold your laptop securely.
Then of course comes the type of bag. Today laptop bags come essentially in 2 styles, the messenger carry bag and the backpack. Both are equally as good as the other and each should be selected to fit in with your lifestyle or more importantly your lifestyle in relation to your laptop. If you are a busy person travelling on buses, trains and planes then the backpack makes sense, if you are en executive who maybe carries the bag home each evening to work on then the messenger bag would suffice. Many people own both as they understand the features and benefits of each laptop bag.

Your laptop bag needs to be able to carry all the items you need. The laptop should be able to fit snuggly inside the bag, the straps and cushions that hold it in place are there to protect the bag and the laptop should not move around loosely inside the laptop bag. Today people have an entire arsenal of gadgets that they use in conjunction with their laptop and ideally your laptop bag should be able to carry these.
At the end of the day it is all about quality, strength and style. Some bags have handles and wheels to make travelling easier and while the bag may seem strong the wheels and handles may not or vice versa. Inspect the quality of the materials used in the construction of your laptop bag, the heavier user will need stronger materials and thus the bag may cost a little more.
No matter what laptop bag you choose there is a choice and it pays off to really consider what the bag will be used for, your lifestyle and of course your image. Choosing the right bag is relatively straightforward, as long as it is strong and built for purpose you really cannot go wrong.