Linen and bedding; sheets and more

If you are in the market to update your sleep style, changing your bedding is the easiest way to make an impact. A bedroom is not only a retreat from a busy world, but is a personal space for you to make your own. As the warm season draws to an end, it is time to give your bedroom – and senses – a warm, cuddling and relaxing reboot.

The quality of your comforter, pillows and sheets can lead to a more restful night. Your bedding is almost as important as your mattress because it often dictates comfort and overall bedroom aesthetic. By updating your comforter, pillows or duvet cover, you can make your bedroom instantly feel more current.

Picking out a duvet cover for your bed is a lot like picking an outfit for the day. It needs to be practical, but also a clear expression of your style and personality. They come in a wide variety of colours, patterns and designs. You can just as easily replace your duvet cover to reflect whichever style you’re currently digging — that’s the beauty of using duvets as decor!

The easiest way to ensure you have coordinated bedding is to invest in a complete sheet set. The set should include a flat sheet, fitted sheet and a pillowcase or two. Sheet sets are one of the most important elements of your bedding by far, since they make direct contact with your skin every night. Don’t forget to have fun with colour and pattern too — duvet covers aren’t the only way to bring interest to your bed!

Your selection of bed sheets is the perfect opportunity to let your personality shine through. Just as important as colour and pattern is texture and softness. eileen-fisher-washed-linen-sheets-and-bedding-garnet-hillDifferent materials offer different qualities to keep you snug and warm during cold winter nights or cool and dry when the temperature rises. Throw pillows, throws and curtains help add pops of colour, and table lamps, while practical, can also help enhance the room’s decor.

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