A look back at 2016

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2017 is approaching us fast and 2016 seems to have vanished in a flash but what a year it has been.  On all levels and in all areas it has been a crazy year, we started the year with Rand in the worst position it has been for many years and people were not sure what would happened. The Rand was so weak it made imports expensive and retailers and businesses found things very challenging.

But the Rand and the economy were the focus of much of the year as South Africa lurched from one dilemma to another with State capture being at the centre of media attention for much of the year. South Africa went to the polls for local elections and the sentiment of the people was heard and seen loud and clear. Fees must fall and chaos at many universities made headline news around the world with students and protesters venting their frustration.  It was a rough year on many levels but it was not all doom and gloom.

wayde92016 saw South Africa do well at the Rio Olympics, who can forget sprinter Wayde van Niekerk  running 400m in a mere 43.03 seconds and bringing home Gold?  It was a sporting highlight of 2016 for many people. Not to be outdone Caster Semenya brought home another Gold for the 800mthat topped off a further six silver and two bronze medals.

One can find many gems of happiness and cheer in 2016. We saw some great movies in 2016 with Finding Dory surprisingly topping the box office top 10 for the year according to Box Office Mojo.  You can relive some of the movies on DVD or Blu-Ray and because 4k TV arrived in SA in 2016 you can really feel like you are in your own home cinema. If you think DVD and Blu-ray is old school then thankfully 2016 also saw Netflix arrive in South Africa and this creates the perfect excuse to purchase a smart TV to watch. Streaming technology is changing the South African home entertainment landscape forever.

Cellphones of course took another leap forward and the experts on mybroadand.co.za unanimously voted the Samsung S7 as the number one for South Africa in 2016. But Samsung S7 aside, 2016 saw a number of great value for money smartphones arrive on the market making it easier and more affordable to keep in touch.

It really isn’t too difficult to find the positives in 2016, don’t worry about the politics that seem to dominate our headlines but rather take a look around and you will see that South Africa did pretty well in 2016 as it and you will in 2017.

Happy new yearFrom the Metro Home City team we wish you a truly marvelous 2017 and one we hope will see you shop with us as we take #MHCBeatsAnyPrice to a whole new level in the New Year. Thank you for supporting us, thank you for making us your preferred store  and we look forward to the coming 12 months of bringing you the best deals on the best products!

Happy New Year