Luggage: It’s a wrap

Luggage. Everyone has it and for some reason nearly every piece of luggage looks the same. Black suitcases manufactured by a number of global manufacturers, brand name or not all look like a black suitcase. Don’t you just hate when your luggage comes on to the carousel at the airport and there are half a dozen suitcases that all look the same but you know one of them is yours?

People watch as the baggage carousel goes round and they reach down to have a closer look at the luggage label or look to see if their personal identifiers can be seen before letting the bag pass or be grabbed.
And then of course there is security, especially in South Africa. Luggage theft or theft from Luggage is a concern for every and any passenger and people go to almost extreme lengths to keep their bag safe and secure and still somehow the thieves manage to get in. Yes, bag identification and security is a concern and many travellers come up with ways to overcome the combined problem but somehow they never quite get it 100% right.

But there is a solution and a trendy solution too. The solution is Luggage Wraps. Both Luggage Handle Wraps and complete luggage wraps are two solutions that can counter the identification and security issue with absolute ease. Luggage wraps are a truly simple, really innovative solution that can make an amazing fashion statement for any traveller.

Luggage handle wraps are becoming popular and really are the easiest way to make your suitcase stand out from the countless other suitcases after a long haul flight from the other side of the world. These simple handle wraps have a couple of functions that any traveller will appreciate.

The first benefit is of course making your bag easier to find. Luggage Handle wraps are available in a wide variety of colours, patters and even limited edition designs and this means there is a good chance your bag will be one unique to yourself. Being able to locate your bag fast speeds up your transfer through the airport to wherever it is you are heading.

The second benefit is that Luggage handle wraps make the handle of the suitcase a great deal more comfortable to hold. For those travellers who know what it is like to walk from one terminal to another with their bag the grip is normally one of the most uncomfortable things to hold, and this combined with some tiredness makes the transfer hard work and even annoying. A luggage handle wrap changes this and makes any suitcase more comfortable to tow.

As well as luggage handle wraps a number of companies are now developing full luggage wraps with a multitude of designs that fit snuggly around a suitcase firstly making it very easy to spot among other bags and secondly increasing the security of the bag. For any traveller a full luggage wrap represents a superb investment.

If you want to make your next journey a little easier and less stressful and if you want to find your suitcase faster and with ease consider a Luggage Handle wrap or a full luggage wrap and you will soon enjoy your travelling even more.