Make Mother’s Day

It is Mother’s Day on Sunday 8th May and every mother is special and because she is special she is worth spoiling.  Metro Home City is the perfect place to get the ideal gift for the most awesome and most amazing of mothers.

Mom, Ma or just Mother no matter what you call her she is special. She has made you who you are, she has perhaps even made you the mother that you are but either way was she has been wonderful.  But what do you get your Mother for simply being amazing?

Check out the Mother’s Day Sale and Metro Home City and this might help you decide.

Maybe your mother makes the most amazing food, and if this is the case why not choose something from the kitchen appliance department. Get her something with a little hint to say that you really love her cooking. Metro Home City has the widest range of home appliances to suit all budgets. If you have siblings and want to spoil Mom why not club together and perhaps get her a new dishwasher such as the Kelvinator KG12WW1 now on special or another large appliance and then make sure you see the look on her face when she sees what you have got her.

Some mothers just like to be pampered and at Metro Home City you will find a superb range of snag free towels to make any bathtime special.  Available in Bright colours and made from the softest 100% cotton when your mom next takes a bath or a shower she will thank you for loving her for being mom.

But perhaps mom wants to keep in touch with her children and grandchildren; every mom likes to do this. Why not take a look in the mobile phone and technology department? Here you will find a tablet or smart phone that ensures she never misses a thing on Facebook and can always be there for a chat when needed most.

coffee-1291580_1920But moments with mom are the things that matter, Moms cannot be replaced and any small gift will mean so much on mother’s day and it doesn’t matter what it is.  The personal touch is often what makes a gift special and Metro Home City can make that happen.  A set of coffee cups may seem boring but with a packet of cookies and lots of love this simple gift from the Metro Home City kitchenware department becomes very, very special creating a memory shared over a cup of coffee.

Show your mother how much you love her this Mother’s Day, Metro Home City is open so bring her to us and let her choose her gift with you.  Go on, make Mother’s day and show her how much you love her and spoil her because you can and she deserves it.

From Metro Home City to every mother out there, we wish you a happy Mother’s Day for 8th May 2016.